Washington, Nevada, and Alaska vote YES to Weed Legalization

Washington D.C. voters finally approved the legalization of marijuana for personal use, people who supported the move voted out the opposing strength by two third of the total votes, counting over twenty thousand votes till 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday.


Although provisionally approved, the motion could be barred by U.S. congress, if republicans take control of both of the chambers, by their constitutional power given to them. The new law of approved marijuana allow residents to have highest of six marijuana trees in their home and have highest 2 ounces of marijuana extract stored in the home, legally. Above the level is punishable by law, for provisional period of time, till the case is further processed and given full green signal.

Along with Washington D.C. Alaska also take the steps in legalizing marijuana in their state. Ninety seven percent of the people of Alaska have voted and the result has been a hairline win in favor of the legalization, pushing away the down votes by 52 percent against 48 percent.

According to the news sources there, the provisional approval will be law after three months when election is done, expected to be in late November. To control the sales & consumption of marijuana, the state will create a marijuana control board, which will work under the departments of Community, Economic Development & Commerce. This control board will make detailed law and regulations on the marijuana business in the state, which may take up to nine months after the election and marijuana control board is at full strength.

They also said that the motion was in process since 2000, when the Alaska people decided to go for a vote for the legalization of marijuana in Alaska, but failed to a percentage of 40 against 60 percent of people who opposed the motion. It was again in the news and up for vote in 2004, when it took some more figures and made a 44 percent vote, but still not enough for the legalization of marijuana. Finally in 2014, the people supporting it saw the face of the victory when it got 52 percent votes, and thus was provisionally approved for the sales & consumption of marijuana for personal & medical use, up to a limit of amount, with some restrictions as of now.

As of late news in Tuesday, the state of Oregon also joined Washington D.C. and Alaska, with a positive vote of 54 percent in favor of legalization of marijuana and 46 percent against it. According to their rules, the control & distribution of sales will be responsibility of liquor control agency of the state. Citizens of Oregon will also have permit to grow four marijuana plants in their home for personal use.

The expected revenue in Oregon is average of 16 million dollars in the year of 2017, according to a legislative revenue office of the state. He also added the projected highest revenue may rise up to 19.4 million dollars, where they are expecting to have at least 13 million us dollar from it.So, it seems you could finally enjoy your favorite best vaporizer for weed in the coming years. Like Alaska, people of Oregon who are in favor of the legalization of marijuana tried to have the motion since 1986 but failed against a strong opposing though until this month of 2017.


What Should You Look For In A Good Motorcycle Helmet?

When you are getting ready to ride your motorcycle, regardless if you are a newbie or a person that has rode for a long number of years, there is one aspect that you need to address and that is the motorcycle helmet. This is one of the single most important parts to the riding of a motorcycle. This will be the one piece of equipment that can quite possibly save your life in the event of an accident. It is for this reason that you need to know what to look for in buying of a helmet.

Lets start the subject off by looking at the types of helmets that are on the market to be purchased. There are a few types that a person can choose from. There are half helmets, skull caps, full face helmets and dirt bike helmets. Each one of these has an advantage as well as a disadvantage that you will need to look at carefully. The one thing that you need to make sure is that the helmet that you get is DOT certified. This will be crucial in helping to protect you and your head in the event of an accident.


Half helmets are helmets that come over half of your face. These can be purchased with or without a visor. The advantage to this type with the visor is that the visor can protect your face from bugs as well as debris that may get kicked up from the road while you are riding. It is advised that if you ride without a visor, that you get a pair of goggles that will be useful in protecting your face and eyes while riding.

Skull caps are just as the name implies. These are designed to only cover the top part of your skull. But you should also buy the best motorcycle backpack to cover your back.. These are the most popular types of helmet that is worn by people that ride cruiser style bikes. This is the type of helmet that is most often associated with the typical biker that you see on the road. While these look great, they do not offer as much protection and are generally not DOT certified. This means that the level of protection will be limited in the event of an accident.


Full face helmets are the most ideal as they give you all the things that you seek out in a good helmet. There is a full face shield along with a full head shell that protects all of your face in the event you crash your bike. These are most times DOT certified meaning that you have the most protection for your head in an accident. The only drawback is that they are often associated with people that ride street bikes also known as crotch rockets. Very few street riders will wear these just as many riders of crotch rockets will wear the skull cap design. This is just an image thing that seemed to catch on and each group was associated with a certain type of helmet.

Beyond the style that you may have to search through, there are a number of other factors such as comfort and size. You want a helmet that will be loose enough to fit on your head and yet tight enough that it will not flop around loosely. If you are uncertain about the sizing of a helmet, then head to your local bike shop and see if the people there can help fit you with the proper size that will be ideal for you. If you follow these tips and tricks, you can find a helmet that will be perfect for you and will protect you when you are involved in an accident.


How to Freelance Web Design

If you are interested in freelance web design there are many options out there for you. First off, you have to have the skills necessary to actually do the designs you will be hired to do. Of course you can talk to the employer before hand, but you still should know the basics of web design. You should also know how to use web design software, such as Dreamweaver. If you have no idea what Dreamweaver is then maybe freelance web design isn’t for you. If you do then maybe freelancing is for you. Do you have a passion for creating websites and designing websites to be a appealing to the eyes? The freelance web design may be right up your alley. Freelance work is hard but it can be very rewarding too.


The first thing you want to do is get yourself a good program for freelance web design. A great program that you can try is Dreamweaver, you can get a free trial at, or, alternatively, you could download a free alternative program that you can find through Google. There are a few free web design programs, so if you do your research you might be able to find one that works for you. There are a couple good freelance programs that you can use to do freelance work, but they might not be as good.

If you want to find freelancing websites there are many to be found online, even thousands. Sign up for freelance websites. This will be your source of income from freelancing. Make sure you have a lot of practice. If you think you are ready to start freelancing web design online, then you can sign up for websites like, oDesk, Fiverr, and many others. The pay will depend on which site you choose to sell your services online, although the great thing is that you can sign up to more than one website and you can work as much as you want. This is a great opportunity for people who want to work at home and have experience designing websites. This career path can potentially be very lucrative to the right person interested in freelance design.

If you are new to freelance web signing and aren’t sure if you have what it takes to offer services at a high price then you can try a couple little micro jobs at Fiverr and see how much you can do, or how much hard work you can handle. If you have confidence in your work than you can go over to more legitimate freelancing sites. There are many freelancing sites and many guarantee payment for the work that you do, such as oDesk and Fiverr. These are not the only freelancing websites but they are a great way to find new customers for your products or the work that you do.


If you want to be a freelance web designer, then there many options for you. Just know that it is hard work and is not always easy. Yes you get to work at home and make your own hours, at there are still deadlines and you still have to put in the work for the money. It is in no way a get rich quick scheme or anything of the sorts. You are essentially selling your service and finding the right people to buy it. That’s where websites like oDesk and Fiverr come in, because you can put your services online and fill in the dots and make connections to future clients. As long as you have faith in your website design work I see no reason why you shouldn’t try out freelancing web design. It’s a great way to make a good amount of money and work from home part time or full time.Now no need to have to hire a costly web designer when you can do it yourself for free check out best website builder you’ll be glad you did.